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Frank and Chris's home page

(This sketch of us by Frank will no doubt be replaced soon)

This is the (under construction) North Bay Net home page of Frank Lyon Cox and Chris Gralapp.

warning sign Danger! This page is under construction, please watch your step. But tune back in real soon, there's more to come...

Who are Frank and Chris anyway?

pen icon Chris is an accomplished Medical and Scientific Illustrator. Jump to Chris's page to see a rotating art exhibition and a fascinating description of her and her work.

benie icon Frank wears many hats. In his propeller beanie he's a senior at SFSU majoring in Computer Science. Among his many technical pursuits he maintains an FTP site of DOS and Windows files at North Bay Net. In one of his other lives he's a professional gem cutter with a business called Practical Wizardry. He's also an avid Wind Surfer and, along with Chris, loves to search for prehistoric Rock Art.

pen icon Both Chris and Frank love Rock Art. Have a look...

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